Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training


Circling is a powerful practice. Not just for your understanding your world and getting somebody else’s, but also for your leadership development.

I have not yet found a practice – outside the therapeutic realm – that highlights blindspots so clearly, and can be such a fast track for personal development. Ironically by not wanting to change or fix anything. If you are willing to go in. Into yourself, into your assumptions, into your stories. If you are willing to understand different perspectives, open your eyes to new worlds (including the ones inside you) and bring endless curiosity to what is happening in the moment, right now, even when you do not want to.

For me, Circling has been highly transformational. And learning to facilitate a good Circle takes it up a notch. Well, several notches to be honest. I am passionate about the ever-evolving skills that together make a good, or even a great, facilitator. The skills of curiosity, of setting a good context for a powerful space, of inviting in different perspectives, of spotting dissonance, of making choices and from where – when there are so many rabbit holes to follow, of leading a group without leaving them behind. Of being willing, endlessly, to look at yourself and what comes up in a space of leadership with kind and curious eyes. Leadership puts you, and all your stuff, in the spotlight. In martial arts they say: “A master is a full time student”.

I have taught Circling for many years. And I have found that teaching Circling Leadership is one of the things I love to do most. This training spans 6 months, where we have time together to learn, grow and thrive. 

I am excited, as this is one of my zones of genius, and I am always learning. And I am excited because I know how deep you can go when you step up to the plate. I am “Integral Circling trained” and combine this with my sensitivity and intuition, my training in martial arts, energy work, embodiment and intimacy practices. I will offer parts of these whenever it feels suited and called for. But the core will be Circling, sitting in group and getting really good at listening, at attuning, at hearing another while holding space for the whole group and yourself and everything that comes up in the process.

This training is exclusive; I only invite 6 people to join me, so we can sit in one Circle a lot and can become really intimate with each other.

My dear friend and skilled facilitator & teacher, Andrew Venezia, will co-lead this training with me.

The context

  • We have 4 full weekends together: 11 & 12 November 2023 and 13 & 14 January, 2 & 3 March and 20 & 21 April 2024.
  • In between our weekends we will have 6 online 3 hour meetings (to be scheduled with the group).
  • You will get 2 private Coaching sessions to support you in your process.
  • You have the option to try to get certified to facilitate Birthday Circles.
  • After completing the course we will have 6 monthly Leadership Intervision group sessions to support you in your integration.
  • We encourage you to meet up a lot and practice on and with each other.

This training is for people that want to dive deep into Circling Leadership and let it work you as an instrument to learn more about yourself: your unique way of being and leading, ánd your dynamics with others. You want to explore where you sabotage yourself and where you thrive. You have a solid background in personal development, witnessed yourself and others in different states, and are ready to go to the next level. You are capable of holding yourself, notice when you are triggered (or at least have an inkling), are willing to take full responsibility for yourself and what you create and are ready to step into a space where you will receive feedback, both positive and negative – but always with love.

This basically is a leadership laboratory: we will create a space together where we will learn from each other. Andrew and I will bring in our skills and expertise, our knowledge and awareness, and will guide the container and content, yet this is also very much a co-created space where we will listen to each other and create the most optimal space for all of us. You will start practising being in the lead as soon as you can, and work with whatever that brings up. We will support each other deeply, and stay in, even as it gets rough. We will build a space where we will always look at each other with love, even when we are annoyed or worse. And honour ourselves and each other deeply.

It will be a deep dive and deep journey together. All in. In the end you have the option to try to get certified to facilitate Circles outside of this safe space. And we hope to have given you a solid skill set to apply in your daily leadership, wherever that may be.

What you will get, no matter what, is

  • A deepened sense of self
  • A stronger capacity to hold more of you and other
  • A heightened sensitivity to what is happening in you and around you
  • An embodied imprint of your unique way of leading
  • A solid base in facilitation skills and a personal leadership upgrade
  • A super toolbox (and the guts) for actively creating the life and relationships you want (by actively practising in a safe space)
  • And hopefully, a much deeper appreciation of the beautiful life we get to live – together.

Practical details

  • November 2023 – April 2024
  • Weekends: November 11/12 2023 & January 13/14, March 2/3 & April 20/21 2024
  • Location: Amsterdam/Arnhem
  • Online sessions: 6 3-hour sessions on Zoom
  • 2 private on-demand Coaching sessions
  • 6 months of Leadership Intervision – 6 Intervision group sessions starting at the end of the training
  • Available spaces: 6

Investment & payment details

  • You secure your spot with a € 500,-* non-refundable downpayment.
  • Pay in one go: € 3.000,-*
  • Monthly payment plan: € 500,-* downpayment + 5 monthly payments of € 550,-*
  • Training fee will be invoiced latest two weeks before the start of the training and in case of a payment plan on the 1st of the 5 months after that.
  • Cancellation policy: you can cancel attendance up to 2 weeks before the training. After that, fees are non-refundable.
  • * Price including VAT for private individuals, excluding VAT for businesses.

We are excited to start a new round of this training, as we know how much people are getting out of it.

Want to explore if this is a fit for you?

You can set up your free no strings attached intake conversation via Calendly.


Anke & Andrew

“This training facilitated skilfully and artfully by Anke, is a potent immersion into the exploration of your leadership right at the frontiers of how you actually lead. This is NOT an abstract exploration that leaves you unchanged, but a direct relational experience of what happens in the moment by moment encounter, shining the light on all those less conscious choices you make while appreciating your specific talents.
The bandwidth of my leadership has increased exponentially through this training. I am feeling, being and making choices that align with the being I have always known myself to be on the inside. So much tension has dissolved around my internal and perceived external expectations of my leadership, hence my capacity to actively and effectively lead has increased. And the confidence in the value of my gifts brings so much freedom to life as a whole.
If you are ready to fully step into your Self, I mean really step in, then open yourself a little further to the idea that this course could be waiting for you. I highly recommend this training.” ~ Rachel Harrison