Leadership Coaching

Tineke Ridderhof, director, Breekjaar:

“The guidance and coaching we received from Anke has made a lot of impact. Her clear and precise outlook on the dynamics in our company and her kind and compassionate way of communicating that what she sees and feels resulted in some big shifts. During the course of the coaching sessions we as MT have really established our roles as leaders of this growing ship that we are steering.
Anke creates lightness and is at the same time very resilient when it comes to the more difficult/ sensitive topics that need exploration. I think Anke is an amazing business coach who can create a lot of value, especially within companies that have a big focus on integrity, leading from a place of trust and doing more than just making a profit.”

Rich Denyer-Bewick, operations director, Citizens Online:

“Anke is SO worth it. I worked with Anke as my coach for a period of six months and felt it was truly worthwhile and amazingly helpful both in my work and personal life. From the moment I had my free ‘Intake’ meeting I felt an enormous amount of trust in Anke’s skills and abilities.
I actually had a pretty big resistance to ‘getting in to the work’ – Anke held space for me even when I was ‘kicking and screaming’ against the process – and it really paid off.
I got new insights into my own workings and managed to come through a few pretty critical issues at work and at home that were major blockages for me.
I highly recommend Anke – authenticity, integrity, compassion – and a breadth and depth of skill and insight.”

Remco van den Born, business development manager, Avy:

“Being coached by Anke was one of the best gifts to myself. Due to Anke’s warm, positive and open personality we connected instantly, which established a wonderful trustful environment to speak my mind and explore the meaning of my thoughts and choices in a revealing but fun way. I remember arriving in an overly energetic, almost hyper state, completely in my head and no idea what to talk about. In no time she helped me to land and get in touch with my deeper feelings and essence. While we touched on many different topics from relationships to work, I am still amazed how Anke guided me with her sharp questions towards finding answers and understanding myself, all by tapping into who I really am. This is such a profound skill to teach which will not only help you during coaching, but in the rest of your life. Therefore I sincerely recommend Anke to anybody who wants to grow, even if you may not even realize something is off. Together you go on an inspiring journey that gives you insights, skills and strength for life.

Jordan Luke Collier, entrepreneur:

“I can seriously vouch for Anke’s coaching!
I had a private session with her and she went straight for the “issue” WAY beneath the issue, in about four questions! One of Anke’s gifts is to feel into, and care for, a very deep level of blockage… the snakes in the ‘human system’ that will stop any strategy – no matter how shiny – from truly working.
I believe she will take you to a place that 90% of “entrepreneurial coaches” have no idea how to get to…”

Rob Macleod, Integral elementary school teacher:

“Anke’s heart, sense of play in the moment and genuine curiosity about getting my world allowed me to see and work with parts of myself that had not been obvious to me. I felt seen, encouraged and gently challenged to explore more of myself than I was able to on my own. Thanks to this intimate connection with Anke as a coach, I have made huge steps towards engaging more fully with my passion in my work, which had been my desire at the start of our process.”

Life Coaching

Jess Zhu, podcaster and blogger:

“Anke, in her own words, is a “connection nerd”, which accurately shows how much she’s devoted in helping people to connect with themselves, their significant others and their life purpose. She has a repertoire of skills and tools, and more impressively, within a short conversation, she already knows what works best for you. She sees your unstoppable potentials behind your struggles. Anke also excels in finding the sweet spot between empathically accepting where you are at and nudging you towards the transformation that benefits you more. Even to date, her words are still inspiring to me.”

Inge Broere, project manager:

“Anke is not a standard coach. She is empathic, compassionate and really sharp. She has a way of finding the essence of your story and mirror it back to you in a clear and compassionate way, without judgement. This does not mean she approaches you with velvet gloves either. She helps you to see some of your blind spots and encourages you to face them, step and look further and most importantly to get the best out of yourself.
Anke is a coach with a big heart and a sharp mind, who is also willing to bring herself into the process. I highly recommend her without doubt!”

Irina Ionescu, group facilitator:

“Working with Anke has been amazing and revealing. She was able to take me to the core of the problems and hold me there gently until I could acknowledge them, accept them and start working with them. Through working with her I took an extra step into acknowledging the emotions in me and learned to stay with them without fear.
She saw parts of me I wasn’t aware were there, recognised gifts in me and put into words sides of me, emotions I couldn’t express yet. She helped me ground myself more easily, more often and more through my body.
Our work together covered many fields – personal relationships, work, self-worth and the relationship with my body. In each one of them I took a leap and changed mind-sets, learned to accept myself easier and more and to connect better and more easily with the people around me.
Anke helped me show up more into the world, accepting and owning my power, without fearing “am I too little?”, “am I too much?”.
She has an amazing way of connecting with me, even through Skype I felt met, seen and beautifully contained.”

Miriam van Groen, group facilitator & entrepreneur:

“Being coached by Anke was a treat. She is professional, warm, clear and goofy (thank god!). She brings herself to every interaction, always connected to me and the moment. All this in obvious service of truth and growth. I felt seen, supported and enriched.”

Diana van der Eijnden:

“Anke creates a safe space to grow, a place of trust, fun, positivity and vulnerability. I love the way humour has a place in her work and how she puts creativity into her sessions. However, she is also not afraid to confront and mirror you. A truly wise woman with a contagious zest for life!
Thank you Anke for the words you gave me, they helped me reflect. Thanks for your trust, it helped me grow. Thanks for the fun, I always looked forward to every session with you. Thank you for asking the right questions, they helped me connect to myself and root a bunch deeper. And thanks for walking along with me for a bit on a courageous path, it was awesome with you alongside of me. ” 

Couples Coaching

Deborah Hartmann Preuss, professional coach & Ilja Preuß, Agile leadership coach and trainer:

“Anke helped us really shift the space we were holding for our relationship. We arrived, uncertain of our future, and after 8 sessions we had worked through our blockages, opened up new ways of being together and communication is better than ever. Anke held a loving space, laughed and cried and celebrated with us. She created an environment where we could talk and listen more openly and compassionately. She enriched our perspectives on our relationship dynamics and how both of us can contribute to changing them to the better.”

Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training

Rachel Harrison, leadership coach and facilitator:

“This training facilitated skilfully and artfully by Anke, is a potent immersion into the exploration of your leadership right at the frontiers of how you actually lead. This is NOT an abstract exploration that leaves you unchanged, but a direct relational experience of what happens in the moment by moment encounter, shining the light on all those less conscious choices you make while appreciating your specific talents.
The bandwidth of my leadership has increased exponentially through this training. I am feeling, being and making choices that align with the being I have always known myself to be on the inside. So much tension has dissolved around my internal and perceived external expectations of my leadership, hence my capacity to actively and effectively lead has increased. And the confidence in the value of my gifts brings so much freedom to life as a whole.
If you are ready to fully step into your Self, I mean really step in, then open yourself a little further to the idea that this course could be waiting for you.
I highly recommend this training.”

April Rains, guide & author:

“If you removed all the things that are personal, internal and relational from this training, the blanket skills of Circling and Circling Facilitation alone you could learn in an afternoon, you could learn by reading a book. But that is not the point. When you put the internal, the personal, the relational back in, these 3 months have been more transformational in my life than the last 6 years.”

Navi Saeregaard, body worker:

“I highly recommend Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training to anyone who is ready to go on a ride of inquiry into their own leadership. Anke facilitates in a way where enriching details become visible and meaningful, and the rest of the day it stays with me as sharper filters of observation and action. As much as I like the focus of refining Circling Facilitation in this training, the real effect is that my leadership in every life situation is highlighted. My agency and influence over my life in general have gained a much bigger depth.”

Barbara van der Vlugt, trauma therapist:

“This training invited me to be more of myself, and to honour all that happens between me and others. It has been a meditation right in the middle of the most challenging layer of life for me; the social one. Although I’m still stumbling around and possibly always will, I intend never to leave this attitude of curiosity and honor towards all that happens within and around me.”

Jeroen Vermeer, professional generalist:

“The Find Your Flavour training was the right thing at the right time for me. Through learning how to lead ‘birthday circles’, it became very obvious how I’ve learnt to not put my own ‘skin in the game’ when relating to other people as a leader. Learning to use my inner senses on the spot in relationship to others is challenging, but even more so very fruitful in developing clear relationships. My go-to method has been to be aware of my senses, but to keep them for myself, either because I’m afraid of a potential tension leading to conflict, or because of what other will just make of my inner worlds. I am now step by step starting to open up my inner worlds to others more in the moment that happens, instead of presenting them with fully processed results of my inner conflicts. This is thrilling, but so enlivening at the same time! This training gave me a peak into how to change my own leadership patterns and I perceive it to be the start of a beautiful – nevertheless challenging! – next phase in my personal development.

Art of Connection – Amsterdam Circling Weekend

Rachel Harrison, leadership coach & facilitator:

“Wow what a weekend! Thank you so much, it has been a truly life changing experience, I can’t thank you and the team enough for holding a space with such integrity and love. I connected and experienced healing at source, connecting with the moment in time which determined the architecture upon which I have built my life. I feel in new ground.”

Stephanie Drenth:

“If you are ready to let go of all the things not authentically you, connect deeply on a consistent basis and / or practice Circling, this is for you. Anke Verhees is a pro in creating a safe environment, a loving atmosphere and the support you need to do just that. It’s fun, humbling and very, very beautiful. For me an experience I will never forget.”

Levente-Károly Görög:

“I never encountered such a smooth, natural way of expressing one’s emotions as I saw with Anke. She comes through as playful and her input inspiring. And yet she manages to maintain centeredness in the heat of interaction and to navigate through competing agendas of group members, in a variety of workshops I experienced her in.”

Decker Cunov, consultant & founder Authentic World:

“Anke won my loyalty and support before she even knew what this work was about. Her commitment to beauty and generosity, with no strings attached, shows up as she hosts all of our large events and facilitates some of our most private Circles.
Her rigorous background in the martial arts has me grateful that she’s the one standing for feminine leadership and subtle intuition, because she brings it with such clarity. She’s one of the pioneering women in Europe and I hope you enjoy being trained and supported by her as much as I have.”

Andrew Venezia, writer, facilitator & consultant:

“Anke is a true friend, with a warm and wide heart, and a sense of humor and compassion for life’s ups and downs. But she’s also sharp and insightful, with a deep working knowledge of personality, group and relational dynamics, and the play of the masculine and feminine.
She has angel eyes: she sees the best in you even when you don’t, and has the courage and spunk to call you on it. Working with her over the past year has stretched and nourished me. It’s been a treasure of an experience!”