Looking back at my life at this moment in time, my choice of profession makes perfect sense to me.

As if everything I ever did and learned lead me to this very place. After a master education in Cultural Sciences, and after a few years of managing projects – but mostly managing people – I became an entrepreneur and started my own agency for artists. It was the ideal environment for my sharp mind and for my natural ability to think outside the box and connect with all kinds of people. Throughout the years, I worked with many creative entrepreneurs and free thinkers. During this period, I also increasingly nourished and developed some of my other powers including a deep sensitivity and an ability to sense other people’s essence, patterns and gifts.

When I discovered the relational practice Circling in 2011, it felt like coming home. Ever since, I have deeply emerged myself in inter-relational spaces. I became a passionate practitioner of Authentic Relating and realised: this is where all my super powers come alive. Tuning in. Sensing atmospheres and feelings. Seeing, naming and mirroring what is going on. Offering perspective. I discovered that truly connecting to myself and others is a very vulnerable experience, but also a very rewarding one. It requires showing up fully and I would not have it any other way. This journey has made my life bigger, easier and so much more adventurous.

I believe that better relationships create a better life and ultimately a better world.

That is why I facilitate trainings in relational skills. That is why I coach. It is not just something I do – it is who I am. Spreading love and supporting people in making real connections matters to me deeply. I believe that in today’s day and age, learning to truly connect with each other is no longer optional. It is essential. We are at a crossroads and loving and being open to really seeing ourselves and others is probably the most radical choice we can make.

As a highly sensitive empath, I am naturally wired for supporting people in this process. I feel what you feel and I see you. Both your essence and what is holding it back. I feel privileged in supporting you in discovering your light and letting it shine fully, with the support of some very practical tried and tested tools. It is incredibly rewarding and it is one of the things I love to do most.

I am a warrior. Feminine, fierce and with a huge compassionate heart. Honest, loyal and stubborn. Having been a master trained practitioner of martial arts for many years, I have learned to be grounded and sensitive at the same time. To remain open while establishing clear boundaries. To develop my strength and continuously deepen my understanding of how to use it with wisdom and integrity.

I am a truth seeker. I believe in making the unconscious conscious and in the importance of exploring blind spots. Everything we hide or turn away from, will play a role in our lives. Making things conscious is therefore an act of service. Both to yourself, to your relationships and to the world.

I am also an ambivert. It takes me a while to come out of my shell. With all my passion and outgoingness I also cherish my alone time, where I can unplug from the world and recharge. I can be extremely shy and sometimes I dance on tables. I enjoy the contrast.

I believe in fun. After all, we are here to enjoy life. To find the magic wherever we are. To not take ourselves too seriously. When things get tense, we start to struggle. When we relax, life can flow through and clear out what is in it’s way. I love the magic of a good laugh, a well-timed joke, a silly dance. It gets the energy flowing and opens the heart.

I wholeheartedly believe in support. Copious amounts of it. Life is simply not meant to be lived, nor unveiled alone. I believe we are all each others teachers and we are all walking each other home.

Contact me if you would like to connect further. I would love to hear your story.



Entrepreneurial portrait: Lien van Laere
Portrait photography: Manon van der Zwaal