What is leadership embodiment – and how do we work with it?

In our Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training my teaching partner Andrew and I speak a lot about ’embodying your leadership’. If you are interested in this field, you will likely have heard these terms a lot. But what does this actually mean – and how do we specifically work with it?  There is a huge difference […]

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4 common self-limiting beliefs & how to transform them

How have you been these past weeks? It seems turbulence is around to stay for a while, right?

From a coaching / personal development perspective these are beautifully rich times. Not necessarily easy, but as many things are coming to the surface, with willingness, there is also a huge potential for transformation.

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Spread the love one connection at a time

Recently I have been feeling a lot into ‘why’ I do this work; working with people on creating a deeper connection, a deeper pathway into themselves and others.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the shit that is happening in this world, like the other day, when I saw a movie recounting some horrible deeds, and afterwards I found myself staring into nothingness, feeling helpless and frustrated.

In those moments this phrase has been coming up for me strongly. It has been looping in my head like a mantra:

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Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

I often say that one of the biggest things I learned from Circling and personal development is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. My life is not necessary easier than others’, but over the years I have build my capacity to take in, and hold, more. And that, more than anything, has given me a stronger stance in life, where I get less easily overwhelmed and less strongly triggered than I used to.

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What would it be like if you fully owned your super powers?

What would it be like if you fully owned what you got? Fully put it out there, embrace it, love it, show it, live it.

In my experience it is much easier for clients to tell me their flaws, what they are ‘working on’, their triggers or processes. And when I ask them what they are great at, often there is a silence, or a partially held back “maybe this..”

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3 ways to (re)claim your leadership, both at work ánd at home

When I talk about leadership, people often think I only mean leadership at work. That is not the case; when I say “leadership” I mean personal leadership; how you show up in all areas of your life, whether that is at work, at home or alone on your couch. 

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