Coaching, for me, is a way of coming home in yourself, and connecting on a deeper level with who you truly are.

The context does not matter that much, as what I offer, and my unique gift is: people. I have a special talent for tuning into you, checking in with what you want, and together, setting out to make that happen.

Coaching is a beautiful process of unravelling what is not yours, and allowing yourself to start living, each day a bit more, the life you really want. It is a process of seeing more clearly, and from there making more conscious choices about where you want to go, what you want to be, but most importantly: who you want to be.

I love supporting people in that process. And I also love supporting people in different contexts in that process. Because becoming more aware about your patterning and gaining the option of choice has value everywhere: just as much in your business as it has at home.  Because how you relate to one thing, is how you relate to everything. It is that simple.

My coaching is both highly personal as it is skills-based and practical. I work intuitively and use my sensitivity to guide you closer to yourself. That is the first step. From there, changing your life in a new direction is an active choice: this takes practise and commitment, and showing up, day by day. That way you slowly change your behaviour, which inevitably leads to a different life.

I currently offer Life Coaching and Couples Coaching.

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“Being coached by Anke was one of the best gifts to myself. Due to Anke’s warm, positive and open personality we connected instantly, which established a wonderful trustful environment to speak my mind and explore the meaning of my thoughts and choices in a revealing but fun way. I remember arriving in an overly energetic, almost hyper state, completely in my head and no idea what to talk about. In no time she helped me to land and get in touch with my deeper feelings and essence. While we touched on many different topics from relationships to work, I am still amazed how Anke guided me with her sharp questions towards finding answers and understanding myself, all by tapping into who I really am. This is such a profound skill to teach which will not only help you during coaching, but in the rest of your life. Therefore I sincerely recommend Anke to anybody who wants to grow, even if you may not even realize something is off. Together you go on an inspiring journey that gives you insights, skills and strength for life.” ~ Remco van den Born