10 signs you are triggered & why it is helpful to know

Trigger. It is a word that is thrown around a lot in the circles I move in. And it is something I actively work with a lot, in myself and with clients.

What is a trigger? Being triggered simply means that something from the past is activated in the present.

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The magic of having a good laugh

The last few weeks have been quite intense for me – both physically and emotionally, going though the ringer and really hitting some deep pains and obstacles, that all wanted to be felt. Great stuff, especially when I am starting to have perspective and can look back a bit, but no fun when you are in it.

I could have used a laugh. And I realised I have not laughed a lot, or nearly enough. So I am writing this as much for myself as I am writing it for you.

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How to live a more fulfilling life

“How to live a more fulfilling life”. Big statement huh. Yeah, it is. And yet, it is not.

In my experience deeper fulfilment does not come from getting more, crazy tools, deep insights or magic solutions. Yes, of course, all these things might contribute at one point or another, but for me, true fulfilment comes from:

Changing my perspective.

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