The gift of Christmas presence

I got the inspiration for this blog from Jamie Catto, a wonderful riotous teacher whose “What about your Christmas presence?” workshop I attended a few years ago.

It was brilliant. And it inspired me this year to dive into my tips and tricks for spending a quality-time, actually cosy and connected Christmas together with the people you love.

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5 easy ways to create connection

As I have been diving into blogging, I have loved exploring the subtleties of relating authentically to myself and to the people in my world. And yet, I woke up a few days ago and realised I had never shared some of the gems that lie at the heart of authentic relating! In other words; the basic […]

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A call to all women: let’s start loving our bodies. All of them

In my coaching and the authentic relating trainings I facilitate we focus on relationship. Any relationship really: the relationship to your self, the people in your life, your passion. I want to support my clients in having fulfilling relationships, and we work on exploring what might be in the way, gain insight and strengthen what wants […]

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