What would it be like if you fully owned your super powers?

What would it be like if you fully owned what you got? Fully put it out there, embrace it, love it, show it, live it.

In my experience it is much easier for clients to tell me their flaws, what they are ‘working on’, their triggers or processes. And when I ask them what they are great at, often there is a silence, or a partially held back “maybe this..”

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Boasting like a boss

I was facilitating my Find your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training recently and something interesting occurred. I asked the participants to name their super power or what they thought they were good at. All of a sudden the atmosphere in the room went heavy and a lot of resistance emerged.

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What is your super power?

“What’s you super power?” I launched that question in the group of participants of the “Circling and Life” training I am currently leading, out of the blue. And one of them – all of them being brilliant creatures and smart cookies – volleyed it right back at me: “what’s your super power?” My face instantly went red. I needed to […]

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