What is leadership embodiment – and how do we work with it?

In our Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training my teaching partner Andrew and I speak a lot about ’embodying your leadership’. If you are interested in this field, you will likely have heard these terms a lot. But what does this actually mean – and how do we specifically work with it?  There is a huge difference […]

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Spread the love one connection at a time

Recently I have been feeling a lot into ‘why’ I do this work; working with people on creating a deeper connection, a deeper pathway into themselves and others.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the shit that is happening in this world, like the other day, when I saw a movie recounting some horrible deeds, and afterwards I found myself staring into nothingness, feeling helpless and frustrated.

In those moments this phrase has been coming up for me strongly. It has been looping in my head like a mantra:

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3 ways to (re)claim your leadership, both at work ánd at home

When I talk about leadership, people often think I only mean leadership at work. That is not the case; when I say “leadership” I mean personal leadership; how you show up in all areas of your life, whether that is at work, at home or alone on your couch. 

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