The power of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the practices that has profoundly changed my life, and that I share with most of my clients. It is a powerful one. In my Shaolin lineage this is even considered a “Shaolin secret”, meaning it used to be only given out to advanced practitioners because it was such a high level practice.

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How to live a more fulfilling life

“How to live a more fulfilling life”. Big statement huh. Yeah, it is. And yet, it is not.

In my experience deeper fulfilment does not come from getting more, crazy tools, deep insights or magic solutions. Yes, of course, all these things might contribute at one point or another, but for me, true fulfilment comes from:

Changing my perspective.

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The gift of receiving

I want to share with you a practice and a way of being that has really lit up my life recently and has given me so much: Really, fully and truly receiving Fully receiving all the gifts that come my way has been a doorway to magic in my life. It has been a true practice […]

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