Why learning relational skills is good for your relationship(s)

I was reaching out to people about our upcoming Art of Connection – Amsterdam Circling Weekend and I found myself sharing how these weekends are an excellent opportunity to practise your relational skills for dating and intimate relationships. 

That might seem obvious, yet I would love to elaborate a bit on the why of this being a good idea. 

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Judgement as a road to deeper connection

Ever had this thought: “O I should not judge that person”?

In our current society it is often deemed not okay to judge somebody or something. It can be deeply rooted to not speak whatever we judge somebody for, because wejudge that “not to be okay” or “not done”. (the more spiritual version of that being “that is your stuff, deal with it”)

Yet over and over I have found with myself and clients that fully owning and speaking judgements can be one of the most liberating and alivening things you can do.

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Creating aliveness in connection

How to create aliveness in connection when it feels flat or you feel uninspired? That is a question I received recently by a participant of the upcoming Art of Connection weekend. 

Well, that was right up my alley! Aliveness and feeling it in connection is a thing that is massively important to me and something I have explored quite extensively. 

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The dream not come true – how it will serve you, and the world, to stop dreaming and start living your reality

I have been dreaming for a long time. Dreaming about the perfect prince charming, having an impactful, soulful business without really showing up, magically winning the lottery when I was completely broke. Pleasant dreams about fairytales and happy endings – with one essential catch: they were not connected to my reality. I was not living my […]

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