Leadership Coaching


In the world of leadership, connection is everything. ~ Jen Hatmaker

You are a visionary leader. Be it in your own company, be it in a company you love. Maybe your ideas have grown from a vision to a successful company, maybe you got on board with somebody else’s vision.

The details do not really matter. What matters is that you love what you do, and you are passionate about doing it. What matters to you is putting your vision into the world, as well as having impact.

You already excel at what you do. You inspire, you lead, you get clients on board.

You already know a lot. You have seen – and learned – what it takes to be where you are. And yet, you also know you can get better.

Better at what you do, better at serving your clients, better at serving the world. And you have come to the point where you realise it is not about learning more – more content, more context, more ‘quick fixes’ – it is about honing your skills.

You realise it is time for nuance, for finetuning the details.

It is time to go in. To reflect on how you operate, not so much on what you do.

And that happens to be what I am passionate about.

I excel in what tends to be called ‘soft skills’ – the interrelational field that can often seem elusive or hard to grasp. Well, it can be, but it does not have to be. This is something you can learn. Something you can practice, gain more awareness about and train. So you serve better, connect better and lead better.

It is as simple as that.

At the core of what I do, and what I ask of clients, are three things:

Curiosity, Courage, Commitment.

Learning about relationship takes a willingness to be vulnerable. But if you are willing to go, it is so worthwhile; you will feel more connected to everything, and everyone, around you, including yourself. In business terms; you will build better, lasting, more constructive and more profitable relationships.

If this appeals to you, we can start a conversation and explore together how to serve you best.

I work in the moment – because that is where relationship exists. And that is where we start. What I do is not a fixed mould or model, nor a quick fix. I come in, listen to you, reflect back and work with you in the moment, so we can decicpher the way you work, the way you operate, the way you tick. And from there I will design a process that is tailored to your needs.

I have an extensive background in the business of people, ten years of experience in martial arts, combined with a big heart and an analytical mind. And some other things of course, you can read that here.

I can teach you nothing about your business, that is your expertise. What I can teach you is how to work with people. Because that is mine.

If you want to:

  • Crack the code of soft skills;
  • Understand your ‘relational imprints’ and how they impact all your relationships;
  • Train relational skills that are practical, tangible and repeatable;
  • Build capacity, discernment, agency and personal leadership;
  • Learn tools to transform ‘sticky’ situations (conflict, constructive feedback, separating work from personal) with respect and compassion for each other;
  • Understand yourself and others better, leading to more fulfilling, mutually beneficial and productive relationships;

Give me a call. You can contact me here.

This is how I work:

I start off every potential coaching relationship with a free no-strings attached intake conversation.

We will take 1,5 to 2 hours together to dive into what is working you, where you want to go and if I can be of support in getting there. You will always get more insight into your world and take away at least one thing you can start working with. People have been wanting to pay me for these free intakes because they got so much value out of them! When we are both a “hell yes” to working together, then we embark on our journey.

I work with leadership clients for at least 6 months. Transformation takes time, and it is essential to give yourself that time to explore and evolve. We will meet once every 2 weeks for an 1 hour session, online or at my coaching space in Amsterdam. In between sessions I am available – for topics that have come up, things you would like to share or if you need support or reflection.

My fee for 6 months is € 3.000,- excluding 21% VAT. I am currently offering a discounted price of € 1.500,- excluding 21% VAT if you are funding this privately (as opposed to through your employer).

“The guidance and coaching we received from Anke has made a lot of impact. Her clear and precise outlook on the dynamics in our company and her kind and compassionate way of communicating that what she sees and feels resulted in some big shifts. During the course of the coaching sessions we as MT have really established our roles as leaders of this growing ship that we are steering.
Anke creates lightness and is at the same time very resilient when it comes to the more difficult/ sensitive topics that need exploration. I think Anke is an amazing business coach who can create a lot of value, especially within companies that have a big focus on integrity, leading from a place of trust and doing more than just making a profit.” ~ Tineke Ridderhof, Director, Breekjaar