Entrepreneurial Coaching


Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly. ~ Franz Kafka

Most of my entrepreneurial clients are in an emergent space. They want to offer something to the world; be it themselves, be it a product, or a way of being.

If you are lit up about something, if you walk around with a deeper knowing that you are here to do something, a specific thing that only you can do, yet you struggle with the ‘how’ or the ‘what’ – then I would love to support you in your process of emergence.

I light up seeing people light up and bring what they have got to the world.

And I believe it is essential in this day and age for more people to show up fully with their unique gifts, so the world can become a place that is deeper connected to light, to passion, to drive, so we can all thrive. Only you can do what you do, because there is only one you.

It is an exciting place to be in: wanting to put your gifts into the world. It is also a vulnerable place. There is no one way to do it, you have to figure a lot of it out yourself. And especially if you are someone who is wanting to do something different, something that has never been done before, you are trotting an unknown path, one that just unfolds with every step of the way.

But it is your way. And these are your gifts. And only you can do this – there is no-one in the world who can do it for you.

I believe being an entrepreneur is a radical act.

It is just as much a personal development fast-track as is any course. Because your business is you. And whatever is in your way will also be in your business’s way. So that is where we start: with you. And with a journey in. I will offer my highly developed senses to explore this delicate realm with you. Together we will unpack what makes you tick, what truly lights you up, what you are passionate about and what is in the way of your full expression.

This place of deeper understanding will offer you choice. Because as soon as you have awareness, you have choice. Choosing something different every day. Choosing to do something different every day. It becomes a matter of practise and focus, so you can build different habits that better support you and what you want to create.

If you want to:

  • Turn your unique ideas into a business & translate your vision into tangible next steps;
  • Create from ease, clarity and alignment with your deeper self, not your stories;
  • Build your business aligned with your intentional goals and values;
  • Create focus so you can spend time on the things that really matter;
  • Learn how having a personal practice amplifies your effectiveness;
  • Show up in a way that is authentic and attracts your unique customers;
  • Have a space where you can bring in your struggles – and triumphs – and where things get just a little clearer every step of the way.

Then coaching with me might be for you. Reach out to set up a no-strings attached intake conversation!

Coaching with me is a combination of intuitive in-the-moment space and practical application. I will offer you my own experience in setting up a business doing what I love, and the experience of a variety of clients I have supported in that same process. I have a wealth of tools and tricks up my sleeve and will offer you whatever works best in your situation, at that moment.

This is how I work:

I start off every potential coaching relationship with a free no-strings attached intake conversation.

We will take 1,5 to 2 hours together to dive into what is working you, where you want to go and if I can be of support in getting there. You will always get more insight into your world and take away at least one thing you can start working with. People have been wanting to pay me for these free intakes because they got so much value out of them! When we are both a “hell yes” to working together, then we embark on our journey.

I always work with clients for at least 6 months. Transformation takes time, and it is essential to give yourself that time to explore and evolve. We will meet once every 2 weeks, online or at my coaching space in Amsterdam. In between sessions I am available – for topics that have come up, things you would like to share or if you need support or reflection.

My fee for 6 months is flexible, depending on your income. The minimum is € 1.500,- excluding 21% VAT. I invite clients to explore what their ‘sweet spot’ is, where you feel you have skin in the game and you feel on the edge of your chair. That is vital for a trajectory to work. And that is the price we will go for.

If this sounds good to you,

Contact me to set up that first conversation. Or if you want to know a bit more about me first, you can find that here.

“I can seriously vouch for Anke’s coaching! I had a private session with her and she went straight for the “issue” WAY beneath the issue, in about four questions! One of Anke’s gifts is to feel into, and care for, a very deep level of blockage… the snakes in the ‘human system’ that will stop any strategy – no matter how shiny – from truly working. I believe she will take you to a place that 90% of “entrepreneurial coaches” have no idea how to get to…” ~ Jordan Luke Collier

“Anke’s heart, sense of play in the moment and genuine curiosity about getting my world allowed me to see and work with parts of myself that had not been obvious to me. I felt seen, encouraged and gently challenged to explore more of myself than I was able to on my own. Thanks to this intimate connection with Anke as a coach, I have made huge steps towards engaging more fully with my passion in my work, which had been my desire at the start of our process.” ~ Rob MacLeod