10 signs you are triggered & why it is helpful to know

Trigger. It is a word that is thrown around a lot in the circles I move in. And it is something I actively work with a lot, in myself and with clients.

What is a trigger? Being triggered simply means that something from the past is activated in the present.

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Judgement as a road to deeper connection

Ever had this thought: “O I should not judge that person”?

In our current society it is often deemed not okay to judge somebody or something. It can be deeply rooted to not speak whatever we judge somebody for, because wejudge that “not to be okay” or “not done”. (the more spiritual version of that being “that is your stuff, deal with it”)

Yet over and over I have found with myself and clients that fully owning and speaking judgements can be one of the most liberating and alivening things you can do.

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How to set context to create space for real connection

Last week I facilitated a beautiful Art of Connection weekend and one of the things that came up strongly, and that I love working with, is: setting a clear context. A clear context is an important part of what makes Circling into such a powerful relational practice, and it also is a powerful practice in day-to-day […]

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Creating aliveness in connection

How to create aliveness in connection when it feels flat or you feel uninspired? That is a question I received recently by a participant of the upcoming Art of Connection weekend. 

Well, that was right up my alley! Aliveness and feeling it in connection is a thing that is massively important to me and something I have explored quite extensively. 

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How to work with your inner critic

This last weekend I wrapped up the first edition of my Find Your Flavour – Circling Facilitation Training. It was a beautiful weekend, rounding off 4 months of training together, and for me it was the first time leading a last weekend like this. The content was not unfamiliar to me, but it was the first time I led it in this specific context. It was a new experience, and there it was: my inner critic.

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Upper Limit Problems

I have been struggling with my ‘upper limit problems’ the past while. Upper Limit Problems are basically your own internal thermometer for how much success, wealth, happiness, love and intimacy you will let yourself experience.

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Boasting like a boss

I was facilitating my Find your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training recently and something interesting occurred. I asked the participants to name their super power or what they thought they were good at. All of a sudden the atmosphere in the room went heavy and a lot of resistance emerged.

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Sensitivity is a gift: 5 ways to navigate HSP

I would like to dive right into a theme I have been wanting to write about for a while: high sensitivity and how to navigate this in this world. I classify myself as a highly sensitive person (HSP), and a lot of my clients – and I imagine people reading this – fall into that same category.

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The gift of Christmas presence

I got the inspiration for this blog from Jamie Catto, a wonderful riotous teacher whose “What about your Christmas presence?” workshop I attended a few years ago.

It was brilliant. And it inspired me this year to dive into my tips and tricks for spending a quality-time, actually cosy and connected Christmas together with the people you love.

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The art of listening

Listening. Really listening. It is a beautiful skill. And yet most of us tend to not listen at all, but wait for a moment to speak. I do it. I know you do it. We all do it.

We get so excited about what we want to share, contribute, that we do not really pay attention to the person in front of us. What they are saying. How they are saying it. How we feel when they are saying it.

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