Spread the love one connection at a time

Recently I have been feeling a lot into ‘why’ I do this work; working with people on creating a deeper connection, a deeper pathway into themselves and others.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the shit that is happening in this world, like the other day, when I saw a movie recounting some horrible deeds, and afterwards I found myself staring into nothingness, feeling helpless and frustrated.

In those moments this phrase has been coming up for me strongly. It has been looping in my head like a mantra:

One Connection at a Time.

This is what I can do, and what you can do: spread the love one connection at a time.

Be a little braver, a little kinder, be the one that takes the first step. The one that chooses to listen instead of assume. The one that reaches out when others pull back. The one that holds off judgement and chooses to explore a little further with curiosity. The one that cares, ánd dares to take that extra step.

What if – this Christmas and beyond – we amp up all that we do just a little more:

◆ Have that conversation (especially if it is with someone you don’t like)
◆ Smile at that stranger
◆ Look somebody in the eyes and really see them
◆ Drop the story you have about somebody and really listen
◆ Ask questions from curiosity
◆ Assume that challenging relative has the best intent
◆ Lend a hand
◆ Check in with a loved one
◆ Support that one person that has it rough
◆ And perhaps the most important one: be kind, good and like a loving friend to yourself.

Spread the fucking love! I feel so passionate about this I can sometimes cry about it.

In my world the only antidote to worldwide extremities is to step up our game, walk our talk and simply be kind to each other. That is what we can do when things seem overwhelming, suffering is everywhere and some people seem to make very bad choices. Acknowledge we have it good and spread some of that.

That is my Christmas wish for you. Spread the love one connection at a time.

If you would like some tips on the ‘how’, my blog The Gift of Christmas Presence can help you out.

LOVE to you,

and wishing you beautifully connected holidays,


PS: and I would like to remind you our special Christmas offer (€ 100,- off the total price) for Art of Connection still stands. Valid if you book before Christmas!

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Coach, trainer & lover of all things human and relational. Supporting you in finding a deeper connection to yourself & others, so you can truly lead, wherever you are.

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