What would it be like if you fully owned your super powers?

What would it be like if you fully owned what you got? Fully put it out there, embrace it, love it, show it, live it.

In my experience it is much easier for clients to tell me their flaws, what they are ‘working on’, their triggers or processes. And when I ask them what they are great at, often there is a silence, or a partially held back “maybe this..”

Part of why I am here, is supporting people in finding, ánd owning their super powers. Because we all have them. Don’t think you don’t. And this world needs you to show up with yours and put *your* unique flavour into the world. Whatever that is.

I can be stubborn in this. I have been known to ‘hammer it home’, not letting people get away with anything less than a big YES to who they truly are.

And I know how hard it can be. It has been, and still sometimes is, my journey as well.

What I have found is that:

The things you are really good at are the things you notice the least

Think about it: if something goes effortless, easy, when there are no hooks or struggles, you notice them less. The things that stand out, are the things that catch your attention; that you need to spend time on, learn and incorporate.

But the things that flow easy are *already in you*, already incorporated. These are the gifts you were born with. And sure, you might want and need to develop them, but the basis is there.

I will give you 2 hints on how to find yours:

1. They were likely always there, ever since you were a child. You were born with your gifts, and so they have never not been there. Check it out: what were you like when you were little; what did you love, how were you as a human being?

2. It is so much easier for others to see your super powers, than it is for you to see them. In a very real way they can be blind spots, because they come so effortlessly to you. But to others they will stand out. Think about it: when you tune into some of your dear people, can you name a few things they are good at? It is easy, right? So ask them what yours are and be prepared to be surprised (although I imagine deep down you always knew).

In my upcoming Find Your Flavour – Circling Leadership Training we will work extensively with the theme of finding your unique super powers, or ‘flavour’. One participant said it is the perfect place “to find your blind spots ánd your sweet spots”. And I will be there, as I said, hammering it home.

I love doing this work. I love seeing people open up and claim their unique contribution.

If you feel it is your time to dive in and join this round of leadership training; there are a few spots left. We start October 12th, for 6 months, with 6 people.

Simply reach out if you feel the call, and we’ll set up a no strings attached conversation.


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Coach, trainer & lover of all things human and relational. Supporting you in finding a deeper connection to yourself & others, so you can truly lead, wherever you are.

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