Why learning relational skills is good for your relationship(s)

I was reaching out to people about our upcoming Art of Connection – Amsterdam Circling Weekend and I found myself sharing how these weekends are an excellent opportunity to practise your relational skills for dating and intimate relationships.

That might seem obvious, yet I would love to elaborate a bit on the why of this being a good idea.

The whole team serving participants during this upcoming weekend walks their talk. Meaning: they practise these relational skills in their day to day lives: at work, with their children and friends, even with strangers at a terrace (I have seen us do it), and in their intimate relationships. I have also seen most of us practise this in dating.

Why? Because it brings a massive amount of aliveness, realness and depth to those connections.

✦ All the people in our team actively use their Circling skills in their intimate relationships and dating on a daily basis;
✦ These skills lead to deeper understanding, less confusion, less projection and waaaay less taking things personally;
✦ Which leads to a deeper connection to your partner and getting to know this person for who he / she really is, instead of who you think / imagine / wish they are;
✦ Again leading to deeper understanding, more compassion, more love and more spark;
✦ All the skills we will practise (such as following your curiosity, owning your experience, staying in the moment vs creating a story, and a bunch more) will lead you to create in-roads into your relationship to places you have never been before, or not as deep (or wide);
✦ Which again leads to more aliveness, compassion, fun and… you catch my drift.

Basically, our relationships get better all the time. They are not perfect, but they are real. And really connecting to another person, really being seen and really seeing, is a beautiful experience I hope never to be done with.

And we would love to pass these skills on.

This is not rocket science. It does take practice, and showing up with a brave heart. That is what weekends like these are beautiful opportunities for.

So if this calls you: come join us!

And consider bringing your partner (or date 😉 )


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Coach, trainer & lover of all things human and relational. Supporting you in finding a deeper connection to yourself & others, so you can truly lead, wherever you are.

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