Want to hear me talk about Authentic Relating & how I apply it in daily life?

I was interviewed for this amazing podcast a few weeks ago.

Jason Digges is one of the people that is deep into Authentic Relating and spreading it to the mainstream world with his company ART. So our missions are very aligned. And I loved talking to him!

About how I got into Authentic Relating and the relational field in the first place (clue, I was very resistant!).

How everything I thought was a bit weird about me, made sense in this context. How my vulnerability and unique way of being was welcomed.

And how I came to study it as a way to develop myself and apply it in all areas of my life, including in business.

Which led to my relationships being rich, healthy and real and supporting other people in creating the same depth and authenticity in their connections.

It was an amazing conversation. You can listen to it here.

(And make sure to check out some of the other episodes as well, with some pretty epic people!)


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Coach, trainer & lover of all things human and relational. Supporting you in finding a deeper connection to yourself & others, so you can truly lead, wherever you are.

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