Creating aliveness in connection

How to create aliveness in connection when it feels flat or you feel uninspired?

That is a question I received recently by a participant of the upcoming Art of Connection weekend.

Well, that was right up my alley! Aliveness and feeling it in connection is a thing that is massively important to me and something I have explored quite extensively.

Not to chase anything or change what is already there, but by exploring what you truly want.

So, my answer to her was:

Aliveness is something you can actively create by following your desire.

What is it you truly want in the moment? Can you voice that ánd honour where the other person is at? Following your desire can instantly make a conversation and a connection come alive.

Our desire is where our passion, our light, our fire is. It can be a desire for change, for a different energy, for touch, for quiet, for more connection, for… whatever it is you want in the moment.

In my own experience and in my experience with others, it can be a challenging thing in the beginning, to start voicing what you want. We are not commonly used to that. We have learned to adjust. And speaking up for what you want is – for most people – something you need to learn. It is vulnerable and can definitely feel edgy.

It can be done though. And it creates sparkles, excitement and a lot of energy flow. And, as I said, a feeling of being alive. You are tapped into your own life force and can be met there.

In our upcoming Art of Connection – Amsterdam Circling Weekend we will work with this. So if you want some help exploring your desires and owning them, come join us. We have a few more spots available. It is the perfect place to practice and we will support you with tried and tested tools, in a safe environment.


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