Celebrate the good times

Celebrating. How often do you do it – or not?

Yesterday I realised that it is so easy to keep going and not stop and smell the roses. I reached a target I set for myself – enrolling 4 out of maximum 6 people for my kick-ass leadership training Find Your Flavour – Circling Facilitation Training (2 more spots available if you feel the call!) and I made my goal!

And the first thing I thought of was what to do next.

I spoke to a colleague and shared this news and she rightly asked me: “how can I help you celebrate more?” And we ended up doing an excited shared wriggle to express my excitement – each on our own end of the screen. It was very sweet. And it got me thinking.

I used to be, and I am at times, very good at celebrating. But when the rubber hits the road, the going gets tough or I am caught in the maelstrom of things, the first thing I forget is to celebrate. I guess that is common.

And exactly when things are going well, there is really nothing else to do but celebrate. Right? It is not like we are going anywhere. For me this whole journey is about being here, and one of the most beautiful things I know is consciously stopping, looking around and appreciating what I have. And when there is cause for even more, for celebration, I bring out the champagne (or the cava, but you catch my drift). When I forget this – like yesterday – I am grateful to be reminded – it is like a bittersweet reminder of coming back to life, as it is, here and now.

I was reminded of one of my first jobs, as an office manager in a very flashy internet company (back when internet was still ‘the bubble’). We always had multiple bottles of champagne in the fridge (the good stuff, spoiled me for life at 23 😉 and lots of deadlines in the office. I was the one that practically forced my (mostly male) colleagues to stop and pop one when we won a pitch. Or got great reviews from a client. I was particularly feisty back then. I also had just lost my dad and I guess nothing wakes you up to the now like loosing a loved one.

And that touches on a subject that touches me: we really do not know when this all ends. And this life is so precious. So do wake up, and smell those roses, hug that loved one and share that joy. Celebrate. You never know when it might be your last one.


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